Breaking fossil dependence

Project Air – From idea to reality

Project Air is a groundbreaking industrial initiative to break the fossil dependence of the chemical industry, with far-reaching effects throughout industrial value chains. The process of Project Air moving from idea to reality is here explored.   

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The companies behind Project Air

The project was officially initiated by Perstorp AB in 2019, and in 2020 Uniper joined the project as a supplier of green hydrogen.  

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Introducing Project Air

Project Air granted environmental permit

The Land and Environment Court at Vänersborg District Court in Vänersborg, Sweden, has granted a changed environmental permit for Perstorp´s chemical plant in Stenungsund to allow for the production of more sustainable methanol. Perstorp sought the changed permit to enable the implementation of its Project Air initiative, due to be commissioned at the end of 2026. The permit also includes construction and operation of an electrolysis plant for the production of hydrogen.

Project Air in Sweden: Uniper commissions Sunfire to build a 30 MW electrolyzer

In one of the flagship projects of the energy transition, the Swedish “Project Air", implementation is moving full steam ahead. Uniper has commissioned the Dresden-based company Sunfire to build a 30 MW pressurized alkaline electrolysis plant which will generate green hydrogen using renewable electricity and purified wastewater. The final investment decision is still pending.

Methanol license and engineering services for Project Air initiated

Perstorp has selected Johnson Matthey to provide the methanol license and engineering services for Project Air. This is the first step towards constructing the plant that will provide 200 000 tonnes of sustainable methanol for chemical production, thereby enabling a big step towards breaking fossil dependence of the chemical industry.

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